Karpov Twist

April 4, 2006 at 10:14 am (Chess)

A new interview with Anatoly Karpov and he completely changed his mind:

On the FIDE elections: There are two candidates, Ilyumzhinov and the representative of Holland and Belgium, Bessel Kok. I personally think that Ilyumzhinov's chances for success are close to 100% today. The major reason is that Bessel Kok only looks at chess from the point of view of the professional chess players. But Chess Federation incorporates much more than this. And professional chess is only tiny part of entire range of events and activities which take place the World of Chess.

But on September 6, 2005, this sounded a bit different:

# Even a dickhead would do a better job than Ilyumzhinov. The chaos in the chess world is caused by “leaders” who are unable to do their job properly.

# Ilyumzhinov must go as soon as possible, also the rest of his gang, who are plundering FIDE.

And this goes on and on…

Karpov on D*ckheads

Karpov today

The Godfather says:

Was the first attack just a try to inaugurate yourself as a candidate? Tolya did have this desire. And now that he even didn't receive the support of his Russian Chess Federation he works for Ilyumzhinov? I agreed with Karpov in his views on Ilyumzhinov and every d*ckhead being a better FIDE President than him.

Come on, Tolya! Did they bribe you? Or do you have the desire to show the world that there's actually one dickhead who could do a better job than Kirsan – you?!

This is quite disappointing and in the end, Karpov will have lost even more of his credibility.


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