Guess whose fault it’s this time

April 5, 2006 at 4:33 pm (Society)

Okay, the article is almost three weeks old but still… Let's start!

I'll skip the part on her little brother.

The concept started to slide off the agenda once women decided that equal opportunities meant that they should pursue sex in the same way as men.

Women are free to decide with whom to have sexual intercourse and when to have. So they can handle it like men do? Where's the problem? Arent't they allowed to because of equality being only a misconception?

But that's what she said before

He was just behaving as young bachelors did – and do – according to the courtship customs of our modern world. Courtship no longer exists Of course, I'm being ironic when I talk about 'courtship' because it barely seems to exist any more.

So the modern world made "young bachelors" behave that way? And the women who fought for equal rights overextended and this "young bachelor" is the product of all of this.

Once all the fair ladies had descended from their towers, there was little incentive for men to behave like courtly knights.

Poor guys! They don't need to treat ladies like they should because they have sex without having a rest.

Take the growing tendency for people to have sex on a first date. Three quarters of men and women are prepared to bed a new romantic prospect on their first jaunt according to a recent survey. I'm not surprised the men are eager, but it's worrying that so many women are prepared to forfeit their traditional strategic stronghold so early in proceedings.

What the heck? Those poor men don't want to have sex on a first date but this evil girls are always compliant. Now this is interesting since it's not only insulting all those "modern women" but all men also. Like a man couldn't say no to sex!

This is still the foreplay:

The rise in one-night stands and first-date sex coincide with a sharp rise in women's alcohol intake.New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, author of a new state-of-the-sexes book, Are Men Necessary, tells how a friend of hers who teaches the brightest Ivy-league girls despairs of the way these same young women behave at the weekends: "(They) drink a bunch of pre-game shots," and, "Initially, they have tremendous power, cruising into the clubs with their bosoms hanging out." But as the girls get drunker, the boys gain control, "they're groping and grinding and pawing and trying to get laid, and the girls are pathetically giving guys blow jobs." Does that sound familiar?

Now the article hits his peak:

The British Mori poll's saddest statistic was that 31 per cent of women had had sex they did not want and alcohol was a significant factor.

"Sex they did not want" is kind of a euphemism. I would call that "Rape". The author knows who can be blamed if a woman gets raped (and alcohol was involved) – the women! Now this is so ridiculous. First, she tries to convince us that modern women want sex like men do. That makes them drinking to much and "cruising into the clubs" where they try to seduce every man. And in the end, they get raped.

Men are like sex machines who won't refuse any offer so it's up to the girls and women to behave the correct way. If they don't, punishment is the consequence and it's their fault.

The Godfather says:

That's the way a real Godfather prefers to solve problems. Lean back and let others do the donkeywork. Like giving female authors the opportunity to write sexist, stupid articles instead of doing this on your own.

Here is a nice article i found.


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