“One of the UK’s fastest growing industries”

April 5, 2006 at 11:31 am (Crime)

It's cheap and there's obviously a demand surplus. You can gain a lot of money with this business while never running out of costumers.

You find this one intriguing, don't you? Asking yourself what kind of business TheGodfather is talking about.

But this kind of business is not legal.

Modern slavery in the heart of our western world. Some people don't want to take notice of sex slaves. Others don't want you to take notice of them taking notice. And some just don't care. But a few people like Sister Ann Theresa don't want women to be lured into a trap, raped and sold, left alone.

And those women do need our help because they can't help themselves being caught in a foreign country and threatened with getting beaten up and killed if they try to escape. 

Once here, she was taken to a Nottingham flat where she was raped repeatedly over several days by three men and forced to have unprotected anal sex. Then, she was told she 'owed' £30,000. 'I had no papers, no identity. I was a terrified and ashamed,' she says. 'I knew there was a risk when I left Ukraine. I took it and lost.' She worked in massage parlours and was never allowed out on her own. One woman tried to escape and was beaten with a bicycle chain while the others were made to watch.

Their tormentors are evil but their "costumers" are also. And it's not helpful to look away. It's easy to claim that it was the girls fault and that they'd been naive to believe in all the promises but how should they have known that? Most of them live in villages without good education or any kind of prospect and then some nice guy comes along and makes them a good offer.

Many trafficked women are either impoverished, without families or already victims of sexual violence when they leave their country of origin. Most have come willingly with their traffickers, believing they are being smuggled, not sold into bondage. The truth is completely different.


A year ago, a Kosovan, an Albanian and a Macedonian received a total of 40 years in jail. They had lured a 15-year-old from Eastern Europe to the UK with the promise of a summer job selling ice cream. On arrival, she had been sold for £4,000 to work in a Birmingham brothel.

The traffickers are seldomly incarcerated so it would help a lot if people would stay away from louche brothels with cheap prostitutes because they have to pay for the money you save.


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