Suicide by Killer?

April 6, 2006 at 12:15 pm (Crime)

The Times has a story about the former spy Dennis Donaldson who was found dead on April, 4. He was a former chief of staff for Sinn Fein and named as a spy for the BSS at a press conference last December.

Living in a cottage in Ireland with no comfort whatsoever.

The journalist discovered that Mr Donaldson seemed to spend his days making the most of his meagre resources to survive. Water had to be drawn from a well, heating and cooking were from a peat-burning range. His only communication with the outside world was a battery-operated radio. At night, with the temperature dropping below zero and the Atlantic gales howling across the hills, his only source of light was a Tilley lamp. His only luxury was a petrol-driven log-cutter.

This reminds the Godfather a bit of Latitants but that's another story… His journey obviously came to an end. But it's even more fascinating that this was not some kind of a good ambush.

Terence Slowey, the Donegal councillor with the opposition Fine Gael party, said: “It’s up a very isolated bog road — you wouldn’t be on it unless you had cattle. “There were certainly many visitors from Belfast, you’d hear the accents. People did come and go to the house. It’s on a very bad road but it’s my understanding that senior republican people would have known about the house for years.”

Some journalists found him also. The question who killed him remains and the IRA claims to have nothing to do with his death.

Did this man give up? Maybe he didn't find the strength and lacked the will to flee or commit suicide. So he sat there in his shelter and vegetated. Lying for about twenty years and then suddenly being uncovered must have been hard to take. This cottage may have been so bedraggled that he could have been detracted from the latent threat of being killed.

His life ended but the story is not finished yet…

The Godfather says:

A man who thinks that he has no future is already dead.



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