Koneru Humpy: Total Domination

April 8, 2006 at 8:44 pm (Chess)

Koneru Humpy (Humpy is her forename) dominates the men's section of this year's Indian Championship.

Today's victory earned her an incredible score of 6.5/7 with a performance of nearly 2800.

Round 1: Arun Prasad (2384) 0-1 Koneru Humpy (2537)
Round 2: Koneru Humpy (2537) 1-0 Arghadip Das (2402)
Round 3: P.D.S.Girinath (2350) 0-1 Koneru Humpy (2537)
Round 4: Koneru Humpy (2537) 1-0 Vikramadithya Kamble (2403)
Round 5: Deepan Chakravarthi (2428) 0-1 Koneru Humpy (2537)
Round 6: Koneru Humpy (2537) Tejas Bakre (he left the tournament)
Round 7: R.B.Ramesh (2491) 1/2 Koneru Humpy (2537)
Round 8: Koneru Humpy (2537) 1-0 D.K.Sharma (2370)

So Humpy does have a score of +6 against rating average of 2404 with a performance of 2747.

Humpy looks likely to win this event. She's already the youngest girl to become GM in the history (beating Judit Polgar's record) and currently the second strongest female chessplayer on earth (Well, Judit Polgar tops them all by far).


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