Elections in Italy: Prodi seems to have won

April 10, 2006 at 5:34 pm (Advocatus Diaboli)


Berlusconi makes a fool out of himself. There's no chance left for him to remain in the lead and he's everything but a "vanquisher of the hearts". He still didn't realize that Italy is not a self-service outlet for him, his family and his "honourable friends". 

Update 2:

Prodi won officially in both chambers. Berlusconi still doesn't want to accept the truth but he has to. His only chance to maintain would be a coup d'etat which is very unlikely. Berlusconi, give Italy a break and let Prodi do his work!


Ok, so it's not quite clear what's going on in Italy. When i wrote this Post Prodi seemed to be the clear winner then they said it wasn't that clear-cut but now Prodi seems to have won at least something. It's better to wait until the official results are released.

The Godfather says:

The news say that Romano Prodi won the elections. He beat Berlusconi for the second time and he did that in a very clever way. He attacked Berlusconi's misgoverning of italy, not his dubious dealings. Sanity won and Italy also. Well, but a real Godfather…


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