Brutal Rape

June 2, 2006 at 10:38 am (Society)

"Brutal rape" is quite an interesting expression, isn't it?

But this expression implies the existence of a kind of rape which is not brutal or violent. What's that supposed to be? Tender or mild rape maybe?

But rape is always brutal because that's what rape is about. It's physical violence and therefore per definitionem brutal. But people are rather referring to the victim being not "only" raped but also beaten up. As if a rape was less severe if the survivor wasn't smashed. 

But this is in a way typical. If you don't see something you're unlikely to believe it (well, there are some exceptions to the rule, of course). If the victim has haematomas all over her face and body and broken bones it's hard to deny that a crime was committed. But not if she seems okay.

It's the same with disablement and diseases – Imagine someone confined to a wheel chair and someone else who can walk and looks just like anybody else. And now both show their passes for severely disabled persons. Who will be regarded to be more credible? The one in the wheel chair of course though the other one may have a malignant tumor destroying his/her whole body. But you don't see it, that's the point.

And now imagine a stranger with a gun/knife or something else forcing his victim to do everything he wants – raping her. She will let him do that. She'll do anything because she has to fear for her life if she doesn't. Does that sound like something you could call "soft rape" or something? And what if nobody believes her due to the lack of physical evidence (like the rapist using condoms or even forcing his victim to take a shower). Like she was only wanting to gain your attention. We won't go further with our example and maybe assume the rapist to be a good friend or relative of the survivor.

Believing the survivor is a hard thing to do for some people. That's because compassion costs energy and you will have to identify with the victim in a way. But who wants to? Why do you think that action movies are so successful? You sit there and watch your super heron showing no fear and making mincemeat out of the bad guys. Nobody wants to feel vulnerably or insecure. Sure, if it was "brutal rape" denying the facts is too much of super-session of the reality for most of us but not so if there are no visible signs.

We want to feel strong and not think about the dangers that surround us though they are everywhere so we have to find other explanations in order to live in peace. Like blaming the victim:

1. If she was raped it was her fault. You know, like dressing like a slut, etc. i won't repeat all this crap here.

2. If a boy/man is the survivor, but wait – He's either a prison inmate so hardly someone who arouses empathy or we just forget about the men raping men outside of prisons (and rapists of men are not necessarily homosexuals as you should know. rape is not about sex).The chance of being raped by a man outside of a prison is indeed existent. I remember a case where a man with a gun forced another one to take of his clothes (but the victim was able to escape). There has even been an episode of CSI: Miami covering this topic (though it was merely the final surprise and nothing more). The last one is a woman raping a boy. Also easy to deny since boys are regarded as the active parts in a sexual relationship and women have to be the caring motherly sitting hen. No problem to leave those aspects aside.

Aldous Huxley : "Maybe this world is another planet's hell."



  1. Austin of Sundrip Journals said,

    When I saw the part in the book I Can’t Get Over It where they said partial blame is placed on the victim I immediately thought of this blog…the blog that I so very much didn’t trust at first. My goodness. It’s a good thing that I try and give people a chance huh? I still find your entries very understanding. I just wanted to say that again and hopefully not beat it into the ground about how sorry I am for being all pissy and suspicious at first.


  2. Vito Corleone said,

    Sorry for replying so late. I will always reply by commenting and not write posts like you do. Since i’m quite busy i didn’t write any post for a long time but this doesn’t mean that my blog was abandoned.
    It’s good to know that you like my posts.

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