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August 3, 2006 at 5:20 pm (Crime)

It’s about the rape and murder of Jennifer Moore again. I guess most people read the New York Post article and there’s a detail that left me puzzled.

You know, they start describing what had happened and this quite detailed. They even go as far as to include this one:

Jennifer, meanwhile, wandered away from the lot, wearing a white miniskirt and black halter top.

I wondered why they mentioned this.

  • The clothing of crime victims is sometimes published if they were abducted and not yet found – in order to increase the chance of finding them, of course. But Jennifer Moore’s dead body is not missing.
  • Do they look for evidence needing eye witnesses? Well, they don’t say so, don’t give a phone number (i.e. police department) and seem to know about the happenings quite well.

Ok, so i looked for a description of what Draymond Coleman wore (the guy who allegedly raped and killed her. Most people seem to forget that he exists – see my previous post for an example) or his girlfriend/prostitute/mother of their child (Crystal Reardon). But i didn’t find any.

Why not? Why Jennifer Moore’s clothing?

So the “Bash-the-victim” classic “dressed like a slut” came to my mind. Only the (murdered) rape victim’s clothing is mentioned along the way. Neither Coleman nor Reardon have been reportedly raped. There’s not even the right context. The whole quote goes like this:

Friends who talked to Talia said she remembered nothing between the time of the ambulance ride and when she woke up safe at home.

Jennifer, meanwhile, wandered away from the lot, wearing a white miniskirt and black halter top. Detectives suspect that Jennifer – who was not old enough to drink legally – was worried about getting into trouble with cops.

It’s like they were just giving information they thought were interesting or necessary for us to know. Like miniskirt and halter top were responsible for the rape and murder (though the alcohol got more attention in the end but i don’t want to repeat that).

I just wanted to point this passing mention out which creates a certain impression without directly adressing it. They can be quite dangerous if they serve a special purpose like discrediting Afro-Americans, Jews or Muslims – People with a different skin colour and/or religion, etc.. Maybe some reader (if someone reads this at all) knows more examples. Just have nothing else to the fore at the moment.


The Godfather says: 

The devil is in the details



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