Worldchampionship 2006 in Elista, Kalmykia

September 29, 2006 at 4:03 pm (Chess)

Thanks to Mr Topalov and Mr Danailov

The reunification match between Worldchampion Vladimir Kramnik and FIDE Champion Veselyn Topalov had a great start and promised to become an exciting match filled with brutal fighting chess and subtle positional manoeuvres. But it looks different now. And that’s why I want to thank Mr Topalov and Mr Danailov:

  • Thank you for showing your disrespect towards millions of chessplayers and chessenthusiasts around the World.
  • Thank you for insulting Vladimir Kramnik.
  • Thank you for your childish behaviour.
  • Thank you for those anchorless suspicions.
  • Thank you for your ridiculous claims.
  • Thanks for making us talk about how often to visit a bathroom instead of discussing the fifth chessgames of the Worldchampionship 2006

Thank you for teaching us the meaning of real sportsmanship.This was so unnecessary but it all happened. It happened behind Vladimir Borisovich’s back.

The game of chess – the Royal Game – deserves more than this!


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