WCC 2006: The true Champion!

October 2, 2006 at 11:31 am (Chess)

Vladimir Kramnik is currently playing the sixth game of the match after agreeing to the forfeit on game 5 (with later clarification).

This shows that he is not only the one (the only one ever) to beat Garry Kasparov in a Worldchampionship but also behaving like a true Champion, a real sportsman!

His decision deserves the higest praise and respect! To play against a firece attacker like Topalov after so much stress and suffering, after losing a point to him by a dirty trick is something most people would have refrained from.

Another example shows how a real sportsman acts in a situation very similar to that of Veselyn Topalov after game 4 (the first letter of protests was filed after the second game and Kramnik’s second win):  Brissago 2004! Leko was leading by a single point with two games to go. What did Kramnik do? Play dirty tricks to unsettle his opponent? No! He played chess and only amazing defensive skills saved Leko in game Nr. 13 but Kramnik won game Nr.14 – a truly great game!

The reason is simple: Vladimir Kramnik loves the game of chess! He is often heavily criticized for short draws but he simply doesn’t see the sense behind playing on in drawish positions hoping for the opponent to blunder. Topalov does and he was severly punished in the first game of the reunification match!

Go VLADIMIR KRAMNIK, Worldchampion of Chess!


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