Another year ends…

December 31, 2006 at 12:40 pm (The Godfather)

I didn’t write much lately though a lot of things happened but sometimes I just don’t know what to write about.

The Kramnik – Deep Fritz match or the newest (and dumbest) Topalov interview (from December 17)?

Another topic could have been the tragic death of the English chess talent Jessie Gilbert who died July-16 at the age of 19. It’s likely that she committed suicide and she accused her father of raping her during her childhood before. Still, the father was acquitted of having done so afterwards.
I don’t know the details so i don’t want to comment on his guilt or not and just quote the BBC:

During the trial Mr Gilbert suggested Jessie may have deliberately drip-fed information about the alleged abuse to family and friends before she contacted police, in order to make her story more credible.

The court heard Jessica fell out with her father after a row about a laptop computer and there were other disagreements.

and finally:

In court, Mr Gilbert said that allegations of rape were “disgusting” and that Jessie was playing a game of chess against him and was preparing a strategy for revenge.

It’s quite common to use chess as a symbol for strategic thinking and the ability to plan ahead. I’m just reminded of all those film scenes where the bad guy is playing chess to make clear that he could concoct a perfidious plan. Of course, all of this has nothing to do with chess and almost everybody could plan something like this. Not that i believe this crap – the opposite is true! I just want to make clear that I’m opposed to the view that her chess talent made such a plan more likely (and Mr Gilbert’s whole story thereby more convincing).
So Jessie had argued with her father about a laptop and became angry. Then she abused alcohol accused her father of raping her and finally jumped from the eigth floor of a hotel to get her revenge… Well, sounds like a bad joke but it’s too serious to be one!
At least, not ridiculous enough to not convince English jurors. But what else could have been expected with these statistics:

Only 5.6% of British women who take their complaint to the police see their assailant convicted. Many more decide to keep quiet rather than go through the humiliation of being interrogated in the dock.


For those cases that do, the UK conviction rate is little over 20%, the lowest of any European country except Ireland.

One can just hope for the situation to become better…

I wish all of you a happy new year!


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  1. Austin said,

    Well, I do know where not to go in case I need to report a crime of sexual assault. The lowest of any European country except Ireland. WOW! Their food is nasty too, who the hell eats blood pudding?


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