October 13, 2006 at 6:12 pm (Chess)

Vladimir Kramnik

The old an new Chess Worldchampion!

Congratulations, Vladimir Kramnik! You are my idol and a true sportsman.

Regular time control: Kramnik – Topalov 6-5 (6-6 due to FIDE)

Rapid chess: Kramnik – Topalov 2,5-1,5

The Godfather says:

Don Danailov and his second Veselin Topalov failed to win the match though they played tricks even Don Zaluchi would never have thought of!


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WCC 2006: The true Champion!

October 2, 2006 at 11:31 am (Chess)

Vladimir Kramnik is currently playing the sixth game of the match after agreeing to the forfeit on game 5 (with later clarification).

This shows that he is not only the one (the only one ever) to beat Garry Kasparov in a Worldchampionship but also behaving like a true Champion, a real sportsman!

His decision deserves the higest praise and respect! To play against a firece attacker like Topalov after so much stress and suffering, after losing a point to him by a dirty trick is something most people would have refrained from.

Another example shows how a real sportsman acts in a situation very similar to that of Veselyn Topalov after game 4 (the first letter of protests was filed after the second game and Kramnik’s second win):  Brissago 2004! Leko was leading by a single point with two games to go. What did Kramnik do? Play dirty tricks to unsettle his opponent? No! He played chess and only amazing defensive skills saved Leko in game Nr. 13 but Kramnik won game Nr.14 – a truly great game!

The reason is simple: Vladimir Kramnik loves the game of chess! He is often heavily criticized for short draws but he simply doesn’t see the sense behind playing on in drawish positions hoping for the opponent to blunder. Topalov does and he was severly punished in the first game of the reunification match!

Go VLADIMIR KRAMNIK, Worldchampion of Chess!

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Worldchampionship 2006 in Elista, Kalmykia

September 29, 2006 at 4:03 pm (Chess)

Thanks to Mr Topalov and Mr Danailov

The reunification match between Worldchampion Vladimir Kramnik and FIDE Champion Veselyn Topalov had a great start and promised to become an exciting match filled with brutal fighting chess and subtle positional manoeuvres. But it looks different now. And that’s why I want to thank Mr Topalov and Mr Danailov:

  • Thank you for showing your disrespect towards millions of chessplayers and chessenthusiasts around the World.
  • Thank you for insulting Vladimir Kramnik.
  • Thank you for your childish behaviour.
  • Thank you for those anchorless suspicions.
  • Thank you for your ridiculous claims.
  • Thanks for making us talk about how often to visit a bathroom instead of discussing the fifth chessgames of the Worldchampionship 2006

Thank you for teaching us the meaning of real sportsmanship.This was so unnecessary but it all happened. It happened behind Vladimir Borisovich’s back.

The game of chess – the Royal Game – deserves more than this!

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Women in chess

April 17, 2006 at 12:23 pm (Chess, Society)

If you have a look at the FIDE Top 100 you’ll find just one female chessplayer – Judit Polgar (2700+ and Top 10 strength but caring for her little child). The current FIDE Top 100 ends with Evgeny Vladimirov rated 2616. The second best female chesplayer in the world is Koneru Humpy with an Elo of 2548 (Zsuzsa Polgar (2577) and Xie Jun (2573) dropped out of the list).

The question remains why there are so few strong female Grandmasters in comparison to the tons of male GMs?

A brief history of women in chess can be found here.

There was Vera Menchik competing with men and doing quite well and then you had to wait until Nona Gapriandashvili (sixties) and Maia Chiburdanidze (seventies) came up. High level chess could be observed when the Polgar phenomenon made an impact on the World of chess. Zsuzsa being the first woman to ever achieve the men’s GM title and Judit breaking Bobby Fischer’s record and becoming the world’s youngest GM at 15 years and 5 months of age in 1991. Zsofia’s stellar performance rating of 2879 (or 2928 depending on the source) in Rome 1989 shall not be forgotten.

Judit Polgar beat anybody. Spassky and Karpov in matches (Polgar was the first woman to ever beat the world-champion in a match), Kasparov in 2002 and Topalov. Only Kramnik is still missing. She’s also responsible for the best performance of a female chessplayer ever by coming a close second in Wijk an der Zee 2003, ½ behind Anand and without a single loss! She won so many tournaments (and doesn’t compete in “women only”-events) that I won’t list them here.

But the question remains: Are women capable of playing chess as good as men do? Was Judit Polgar nothing but a fluke?

Many strong chessplayers like Kasparov and Kramnik and others like Nigel Short commented derogatory on female chess (Judit taught them a lesson, especially Short who has a score of 3:12 against her). But there’s still a discussion going on.

I don’t think that there’s a difference between men and women concerning their ability to play chess. In my opinion you need a strong basis and long tradition to produce Super-GMs. But that’s still not enough. And the basis for female chessplayers is still going so we’ll probably have to wait for some time. Take Germany as an example: Their chess association has 236000 members and their strongest chessplayers are: Arkadi Naiditsch, Artur Yusupov, Alexander Graf (former Nenashev), Rustem Dautov and Igor Khenkin (only Christopher Lutz, Jan Gustafsson and Dr. Hübner break ranks). Or have a look at the United States with Onishuk, Kaidanov, Goldin, Shabalov, Gulko (Zsuzsa Polgar became an US citizen also). But the strongest US player is Hikaru Nakamura.

So what I wanted to show that it’s extremely hard to produce those Super GMs even if there are lot of people playing chess and with many strong players around. Just compare the rate of female chessplayers in chess clubs to the one of male chessplayers. I think it will become clear that it has nothing to do with the gender itself (some people really think that women were inferior to men concerning mental abilities). The large basis is necessary but the women lack this large basis so it's not surprising that Polgar was the only one to ever cross 2600 (and 2700).

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Koneru Humpy: Total Domination

April 8, 2006 at 8:44 pm (Chess)

Koneru Humpy (Humpy is her forename) dominates the men's section of this year's Indian Championship.

Today's victory earned her an incredible score of 6.5/7 with a performance of nearly 2800.

Round 1: Arun Prasad (2384) 0-1 Koneru Humpy (2537)
Round 2: Koneru Humpy (2537) 1-0 Arghadip Das (2402)
Round 3: P.D.S.Girinath (2350) 0-1 Koneru Humpy (2537)
Round 4: Koneru Humpy (2537) 1-0 Vikramadithya Kamble (2403)
Round 5: Deepan Chakravarthi (2428) 0-1 Koneru Humpy (2537)
Round 6: Koneru Humpy (2537) Tejas Bakre (he left the tournament)
Round 7: R.B.Ramesh (2491) 1/2 Koneru Humpy (2537)
Round 8: Koneru Humpy (2537) 1-0 D.K.Sharma (2370)

So Humpy does have a score of +6 against rating average of 2404 with a performance of 2747.

Humpy looks likely to win this event. She's already the youngest girl to become GM in the history (beating Judit Polgar's record) and currently the second strongest female chessplayer on earth (Well, Judit Polgar tops them all by far).

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Karpov Twist

April 4, 2006 at 10:14 am (Chess)

A new interview with Anatoly Karpov and he completely changed his mind:

On the FIDE elections: There are two candidates, Ilyumzhinov and the representative of Holland and Belgium, Bessel Kok. I personally think that Ilyumzhinov's chances for success are close to 100% today. The major reason is that Bessel Kok only looks at chess from the point of view of the professional chess players. But Chess Federation incorporates much more than this. And professional chess is only tiny part of entire range of events and activities which take place the World of Chess.

But on September 6, 2005, this sounded a bit different:

# Even a dickhead would do a better job than Ilyumzhinov. The chaos in the chess world is caused by “leaders” who are unable to do their job properly.

# Ilyumzhinov must go as soon as possible, also the rest of his gang, who are plundering FIDE.

And this goes on and on…

Karpov on D*ckheads

Karpov today

The Godfather says:

Was the first attack just a try to inaugurate yourself as a candidate? Tolya did have this desire. And now that he even didn't receive the support of his Russian Chess Federation he works for Ilyumzhinov? I agreed with Karpov in his views on Ilyumzhinov and every d*ckhead being a better FIDE President than him.

Come on, Tolya! Did they bribe you? Or do you have the desire to show the world that there's actually one dickhead who could do a better job than Kirsan – you?!

This is quite disappointing and in the end, Karpov will have lost even more of his credibility.

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The Godfather welcomes you!

April 3, 2006 at 10:57 am (Chess)

Well, FIDE Champ Veselyn Topalov is the new Nr.1 after Garry Kimovich dropping out of FIDE's April 2006 Ratinglist while Classical Worldchampion Vladimir Kramnik slides down to place Nr.8.

I hope that Kramnik will fully recover from his disease and find back to his old strength! And then play a Reunification match against Topalov… 

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